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It is the quality of ones convictions that counts, not the number of followers

I was watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 at the weekend, and oddly I was inspired to write a post by something professor Lupin says as the beleaguered wizards are about to mount a defence of Hogwarts castle against the against the massed horde of Death Eaters and Lord Voldemort himself.

“It is the quality of ones convictions that determines success, not the number of followers” he says in response so someones suggestion that they call for reinforcements.

This struck such a chord with me that I immediately annoyed the people sitting around me by firing up the iPhone and jotting this down as note. (I know, what a nerd!)

Pottered Philosophy.jpg

But why was I so moved by this statement to go out of my way like this, after all I felt so embarrassed I had to finish writing the note properly by pretending I had to go to the toilet. Well the answer is right at this moment I can relate to Professor Lumin, big time. In a way its a metaphor for what JK Rowling herself must have thought when she first came up with the idea of the ‘Boy Who Lived’; she had no idea whether anyone would like the story, but she had the courage of her convictions to go ahead and write it anyway. Fortunately for her she produced what is known in blogging circles as ‘Epic Content’, and the rest as they say is history.

OK, it probably wasn’t as simple as that. She undoubtedly had the belief of her editor and a marketing and PR team to push the early editions of the books until they gained some traction, but without the belief she had in her own work she would never have gained the stellar traction she ultimately achieved.

Now, I am in no way comparing myself to J.K. Rowling, or indeed Harry Potter, but the sentiment behind Lumin’s statement is as true for me as it is for the author of any content, be it fact, fiction, online or in print. As the author of that content you start only with the belief that you have something interesting to write about and that you can leave your audience wanting more.

From where I stand right now this very blog is testament to that. As of today hardly anyone is reading this apart from my wife, my kids, and a handful of lost souls who find there way here from A4U or Acorn Domains (actually, scratch that my kids couldn’t care less). I look at the traffic statistics on a daily basis and am left with a sunken heart. Sure, I can artificially stimulate the traffic as I would do for a niche site, start building links and writing articles for back-links – but I’m resisting that at the moment. The words I write on this blog come from the heart and I want – no, need – them to strike a chord with the readers. Any readers. I want the content on this site to speak for itself and gain the links it needs naturally.

I trust that I can achieve this in time. That organic traffic will steadily increase as people find the site through more long tail keywords and those readers with find the answers to the questions they are looking for and will want to come back for more. I trust that I will be able to engage them sufficiently for them to become blog subscribers or twitter followers. I believe that it will happen. And while I sit here looking at the traffic statistics I know in my heart that the metaphoric movie deal is sure to materialise eventually. So long as I stick at what I am doing, and believe in what I am writing.

So whats the point of this post? Well, still on the movie theme, Kevin Costner Once Said “If you build it they will come” and the common consensus amongst bloggers is that this is a load of bollocks. I say lets put it to the test shall we? If I can point to this post in 6 months time and say “You know what, I’ve got a few hundred readers now”, then I can claim a victory and do a happy dance. If not then maybe I will have to concede the me, Kevin Costner and Professor Lumin have no Idea what we are talking about….

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