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A year on….

Well I guess the title of this post doesnt really suggest much, but it is a reference to the fact that its been over a year since my last post, where I hinted that I might ‘entertain and inform’ over the following months. Well so much for that; still no matter since no-ones probably read that first post yet anyway!

Has anything changed in the last year for me? Well not really, still a part time affiliate, but the last 12 months have been more difficult than normal thanks to me having to spend a huge chunk of my total affiliate income getting an extension built on the house. Needless to say the work enviroment has suffered a little and with no real in-roads made into anything new.

I have managed to move this site away from streamline.net where it was hosted (they were my first ever webhost, but got fed up with dealing with their innane tech support a long time ago…), moving to my webhost of choice csnewmedia, but mostly things have stagnated a bit over the last 12 months. One big success I did have in the run up to Christmas came on a whim. I am a big fan of Dragon’s Den and like many others was fascinated by Duncan Bannatynes investment in the Remote Control Wand – so one day in October last year I bought the domain www.dragonsdenwand.co.uk, set up wordpress and added one post, a price comparison widget in the sidebar and created an adwords campaign. Almost immediately the site began making money and kept making money up until the end of December generating over £1000 in commission. I found this very gratifying and does go to show that money can be made very easily if the timing and the product is right.

However, from there things went a little bit pear shaped. A couple of weeks ago I tried so set up another adwords campaign for a brand new site in the mobile phone sector. Almost immediately I received a warning from google saying that the site was low quality and if I wasnt careful I would end up being banned – for life. Eek, I thought. So I paused the campaign and went to sleep thinking about how I would improve the quality of the site. Overnight I received 3 more emails from G relating to adwords campaigns dating back 3 or 4 years – all saying the sites were of low quality (and I have to hold my hand up and confess they weren’t great) and consequently my account was suspended with no chance of a reprieve.

So thanks to that I have to become a truly SEO affiliate, which to be honest is where I have been trying to head anyway – Adwords has always been just a supplemental tool for me. I have irons in the fire as of now though, the builders have gone I almost have my own office (if anyone can recommend a good desk that would be great :) ) and I am experimenting with new things, so hopefully there will be plenty to write about. Stay tuned…

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  1. Shane Brown says:

    Streamline.net – YUK – Worst host I’ve ever used.

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