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21 Ways to Make Money on the Internet

Now, if you have been keeping up to date with this blog until this point you will know that primarily I like to talk about affiliate marketing as a way to make money on the internet. I do this because it is a passion of mine, and has been for a few years now. But in the current climate it seems that more and more people are finding it difficult to make affiliate marketing work for them. So it got me thinking about how many other ways are there to make money on the internet? Quite a few, as it happens – and these are in no particular order:

1. Become a service provider. With thousands of new websites springing up every day there is a massive market for people who can provide content for those sites. New websites almost always require 2 things. Graphics and Content. If you are dab hand with photoshop or you know how to write a 300 word article that makes sense, then you can head over to sites like Odesk and Elance, register as a service provider and start looking for work almost immediately.

2. Write an Ebook, and sell it. Are you an expert at breeding fish? Or do you have some insider tips on how to prepare for an Engineering Exam? Then tell the world in the form on an ebook. This will work best if you have an existing following, so perhaps you have an affiliate site that doesn’t convert very well but you know gets a decent amount of traffic daily. If you can write an ebook imparting all your hard earned knowledge then you should able to leverage that traffic quite easily. Don’t have the traffic? Try offering the ebook to the owner of a website that does and offer to split the profits.

3. Sell stuff on eBay. Yes, I know this is so 2002, but people still make a living on eBay, believe it or not. I started by buying ‘Friends’ DVDs from Play.com and listing them on Ebay with a starting price of £0.01 – they ended up selling for more than double what I paid for them originally. Ok so people are more savvy these days, but there is still money to be made if you know where to look. Look for Job Lots which you can split and sell in smaller bundles for a greater price, or take a trip to Home Bargains see what they have on offer.

4. Dropshipping. This one is an extension of number 3. Dropshipping is a way of selling items without ever having to hold the stock yourself. There are numerous dropshipping forums on the internet offering advice on how to get started, but basically you find a wholesaler that will deliver the stock for you. Advertise the items for sale on your own site, or on ebay or Amazon Marketplace, then when you make a sale simply pass the order onto the supplier, pay for the item yourself (preferably for less than you charged your customer) and let them do the rest of the work.

5. Buy and Sell Websites. Look for websites for sale and buy them, give them a bit of TLC then sell them on to make a profit. The trick here is to know what makes a website valuable. Often you may be able to pick up a cheap website on places like , or Ebay, the true value of which might be the size of the mailing list, or the number of daily unique visitors rather than the amount of money the current owner is making from it. Don’t bother trying to sell your sites on here though, go instead to places like BuyBizSell.com and list the site for sale as an Internet Business. There are fewer tyrekickers on sites like these and you will likely receive more lucrative offers.

6. Domain Trading. Ok so the gold rush experienced in the early days of the internet is well and truly over. You are never going to pick up Sex.com for the registration fee alone, but there are still nuggets to be had on places like Acorn Domains or Domainlore. If you can pick up a cheap domain and add some value to it by building a quality site then you may be able to combine with number 5 and make some decent money flipping domains (see number 6 for where to sell).

7. Freelance Coding. Do you know how to code in php or ASP.net? Then much like in point 1 there are thousands of webmasters crying out for your skills. Sign up on vWorker (formerly Rent-a-coder) or Elance and start bidding on the projects on offer.

8. Website Templates. Still on with the service providing theme, but away from Elance type sites, if you can put together a decent website template then you can upload it at template monster where templates sell for anything from $20 to $200 a time; sure template monster they take their cut, but if you design a popular template then that’s solid residual income everytime someone downloads one.

9. Market yourself on Twitter.. Don’t just sign up to twitter and make the odd tweet about the weather, sign up for a purpose and use it to subsidise your income. The best example I have seen of this has been has been dotuk, a graphic designer, who was selling twitter avatars for £5 a time. He did a lot of them (not mine though), but for me that is a great way to leverage your skills on the interweb.

10. Build an Affiliate Website. I might as well include this one. Affiliate Marketing is the art of referring potential customers to a merchant for a percentage of the value of the purchase that the customer may make once on the merchants sites. There a tonnes of examples of people getting rich off this particular money making method. Sadly I’m not one of them – yet!

11. Become a Cam Girl. Ahem…. (I don’t condone this – oddly it was the wife’s idea!)

12. Start a membership website. Don’t you just love the way I drop these in? Starting a membership site is no mean feat and not something I have attempted myself, but the recurring revenue that is generated if you can get people to sign up to a monthly membership fee for access to secret information is probably one of the most lucrative models out there. Its not easy, but if you have a great idea then that’s half the work done.

13. Sell your signature. If you are prolific on any popular message boards then your signature link might be worth some money to you. Providing it doesn’t violate the boards terms and conditions try offering the space for sale. Obviously the more posts you have on the forum in question the more money you can charge.

14. Stock Photography. If you know your way around a digital camera then the could be cash to be made from uploading the your best photographs to places like istockpoto.com, where millions of potential customers will see them and download in exchange for cold had cash. Nice.

15. Paid Surveys. Definitely running out of ideas now. I hate surveys but you can earn money by filling them in. If this sounds appealing then google it.

16. Create an iphone App. This sounds quite difficult, and compared to other items on this list it is. However its probably easier than you might think. On the downside you will need 2 things to get this to work. 1. A good idea and 2. Money to hire someone to develop the App for you.
When I say you need a good idea, it doesn’t have to be earth shattering. Take Joel Comm’s ifart app as an example. This simple, juvenile App which made rude noises generated over $1 million. If you have a good idea then you’ll need some money to hire an app developer on elance or odesk. Its wise to completely specify how you want the app to work and you may have to hire a graphic designer and a sound effects guy separately. Provide the graphics and sounds to the developer along with the spec and keep your fingers crossed.

17. Sell your World Of Warcraft Character. Have you had a mis-spent youth building up your warcraft character to level 85 only to find you lost interest and now its just sat around doing nothing. You might be surprised to learn that buying and selling Warcraft characters is becoming big business. Get a quote for you character here

18. Write a Kindle Book. This one is interesting. The growth in the Kindle has been staggering over the past few years and Amazon make it easy to publish a book on the platform. Its not likely to make you rich, but if you can complement your publishing exploits with your own website then you may build a following sufficient enough to supplement your income, or even allow you to give up the day job.

19. Second Life. If one life isn’t enough for you then there always second life. This isn’t something I can properly wrap my head around, but you can make a living in this virtual world. Second Life has its own currency called Linden Dollars. A Linden Dollar can be exchanged for a actual Dollars in the real world which means if you can start building your Linden Dollars (by trading virtual real estate for example) you can then exchange those virtual dollars for real money on the way out. Its more complicated than that but here are some guides which explain it better than I can.

20. Create a WordPress Plugin. If you are familiar with wordpress then you will know how flexible it is thanks to the extensive plugin library. While most of these plugins are free, you can still create a premium plugin to solve any specific problems you may run into. If you aren’t a coder then head over to odesk or elance again and find someone who is. Then find a way to market the plugin on your own website, or upload to places like http://wpplugins.com/

21. And finally number 21. I don’t actually have a number 21, but 10 stevietee points to anyone that chips in with their own ideas in the comments below. They have to be worth something, right?

Please note that none of the above are guaranteed ways of making money. Most of them will require dedication, a lot of effort on your part and no small amount of luck.

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