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Passive Income Case Study – Selecting a Niche Market – Part 2

So in the Passive Income Case Study – Selecting a Niche Market – Part 1, I described a broad outline for brainstorming ideas for a new niche site. Now we move onto the next stage, identifying which of those niche markets are most likely to make us money. There a basically 3 factors you should take into account before making your selection:

  • Traffic – How many visitors can you expect to get from a number one ranking in your chosen niche?
  • Value – How much is that traffic likely to be worth
  • Competition – How crowded is the niche you are about to enter?

Now this is where I fire up my weapon of choice – Market Samurai. This is a tool that’s been around for a couple of years now, but I only recently decided to investigate it and I am kicking myself that I didn’t buy into it sooner. I’m not sure why I didn’t – no scratch that, I am sure – Its just one of those tools that I had seen pushed all over the American MMO blogs, but it had seemed to me to be too good to be true and my bullshit detectors were on overload. However, I think it was just after Christmas when I decided to give it a go and I learned that the free trial was still available – which means you can just download it for yourself and try it for 12 days or something without spending a penny, but if you buy it within the first week of downloading then you qualify for a 30% discount which means, after the exchange rate has been applied, Market Samurai comes in at around £60.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, you can check out a short video of me using Market Samurai to decide on my niche right here:

So yes, that’s what I sound like. A monotonic Northerner. It took me 10 takes to make that video (my first one) so don’t be too hard on me. If you didn’t have time to watch all 11 minutes of me rambling on then let me break it down for you.

If we refer back to the list we made in Part 1 there were a number of interesting topics (interesting for me at least), but the one that stood out the most was ‘Orient Express Trips’ – There’s something timeless and exotic about the Orient Express, if captured my imagination enough to plug the phrase ‘Orient Express Trips’ in Market Samurai. As it happens the results weren’t particularly great, with that phrase generating very little traffic. However another phrase materialised as a related keyword which was ‘Orient Express Day Trips’.

This key phrase promises over 130 unique visitors a day If I can gain a number one ranking which, when combined with Red Letter Days 13% payout and the fact that prices range from £199 to £849 that means a payout of between £25 and £110 per sale. Numbers like that make go all giddy. So I immediately used the ‘Find Domains’ function and discovered that 2 keyword rich domains were available to register: and So I registered them both through Godaddy. I have decided that the primary domain for the site will be

Now even though I used Market Samurai to quickly establish the potential of the various niches this basically is a tool which at its heart relies heavily on the Google Keyword Tool, which is a totally free service provided by Google to aid in the Keyword Research process. If you are new to this, and don’t have money to invest then you can start there. Its a great tool which allows you get the search figures and keywords related to your niche and you will find plenty of youtube videos offering tutorials in its use.

As of today the site is up and running with the default wordpress theme installed and very little else, no content to speak of, but I will cover that in a future post. I’ll talk about setting up wordpress in the next post, which plugins I recommend and which wordpress theme I am going to use etc – that one my be a little laborious for the more experienced among you but I will cover it for the newbies out there.

Remember you can subscribe to my RSS feed to make sure you don’t miss a post in this case study, and if you fancy having a go yourself then you can sign up the the Red Letter Days affiliate program here.

As a final note you will have to excuse the number of outgoing affiliate links to Market Samurai in this post. I have a plugin installed which converts every instance of that word to a link – and if you choose to make a purchase via one of those links I will receive some commission.

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4 Responses to “Passive Income Case Study – Selecting a Niche Market – Part 2”

  1. Joe says:

    Ive always stayed away from MS for the same reasons as you.

    If it’s using Google keyword tool for it’s data I wonder how accurate it is? Have you tested it with any of your sites that are number one in google?

  2. Stephen Tierney says:

    Hi Joe, from what I’ve seen on my sites its reasonably accurate, even down to its calculation of the amount of traffic you can expect to receive on a daily basis from a number one ranking.
    Of course nothing is guaranteed, and these figures can be skewed by everything from seasonality to news trends but so far so good. Interestingly after I settled on Orient Express Niche and started doing some research I found out that the service only runs between March and November, so its likely that the searches will be down for 3 months of the year at least.

  3. Pete says:

    Not wanting to rain on your niche, but are you not concerned about trademark infringement with a domain like this?

  4. Stephen Tierney says:

    That’s a valid point Pete, and something I didn’t really pay any attention to when the niche was selected, if I’m honest (slapped wrist!). However if it becomes an issue I have known people have success with a new domain and a 301 redirect from the original trademarked domain, so I would probably employ the same strategy and keep my fingers crossed.

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