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Passive Income Case Study: Introduction

Looking for effective ways to make money? When I started dabbling in affiliate marketing back in 2006 I spent the first 6 months reading the blogs of the affiliate superstars of the time. I immersed myself in forums and read every last sentence of those american style sales letter pages in an effort to glean as much information about how I could emulate these people who were living the lifestyle of the neauveu riche. I never really expected to reach those heady heights myself (which lets face it, were nothing more than a con anyway), which is just as well because in the ensuing 5 years I haven’t even come close. However, I always knew affiliate marketing was one of the best ways to make money or earn extra income online, regardless.

In the main I have 3 sites which get traffic so three different ways to make money, 2 are my own and 1 of which I operate with a partner. Anything else I have attempted to add to the portfolio over time has either failed to get out of first gear, or flourished for a little while before being slapped down by google. I have been analysing why that has been the case over the past few days and I think it can only boil down to one thing – complacency. The 3 sites that I have are making enough money between them to pay for things like Christmas, the annual family holiday, and last year an extension on the house. However, the extension in particular has really removed any kind of safety net I have built up over the years, and I kind of feel as though I am back to square one. The time is right to re-invigorate myself, shrug off the complacency and really try applying everything I have learned since I started to setting up a new and successful site. And (and I never thought I would actually say this) I intend to document the process here on this blog. Yup, its case study time!

I know, I know, you’ve probably read case studies on any number of sites; most of which are quite vague and probably never get finished off -well here’s the rub. Not only will I be revealing the niche I intend to operate in, I will show you how I chose it and I will, most crucially, tell you the URL of the site, as well as revealing things like content strategies and link building tips along the way, that way everyone gets to benefit, and I will have you lot to keep me motivated along the way.

I have to point out however that I will be making use of a variety of tools and subscription based services and while I will be demonstrating how I use them I will try wherever possible to point you towards a cheaper, or even free alternative. I know what its like when you first start out making money online – in the beginning I didn’t really want to spend a single penny; I would roll up my sleeves and do the hard work myself, from creating the logo’s (which invariable looked pants) and the content, to slavishly commenting on blogs for backlinks. Nowadays I have a graphics designer for logos and content can easily be outsourced on odesk or elance – although I do hope to be writing my own content for this project – I’ve already picked the niche and I’ll be showing you how I did that in the next post.

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