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Link Building for Affiliates

Woah, is it March already? That means I haven’t posted here in over 6 months. Hmm, note to self – must do better. So what have I been up to, you ask? No? Well I’m going to tell you anyway. Its been quite a difficult 6 months truth be told. The algo changes google has thrown up over the last 12 months have hit me quite hard. A lot of sites that were making small amounts of money have been lost a lot of their rankings and I have been too busy up until now to do anything about it. But its time I did, otherwise I might as well pack this affiliate marketing business in for good.

I did try to short cut the process last month by purchasing a couple of already established sites. That has proven to be a moderate fail since no sooner did I transfer the money over for one site than it was penalised by google for Unnatural Links, which is frustrating since I had high hopes that it would be making a decent chunk of money come April, but now that its been kicked out the Serps I’m down a lot of cash and have to sort out the mysteries of a bloody google penalty and reinclusion requests to boot. The other site is still ticking along nicely though, so need to spend some time increasing its earnings to pay it off in good time.

However the purpose of this post is really for my own benefit. I read an article recently about link building for affiliates and I think you all should read it too.

Here’s the link

It makes for an interesting read and talks about building quality links through guest posting, creating compelling content and engaging your users through the various social platforms amongst other things. Its all stuff we should already know but sometimes its nice to see it written down as handy reminder. Now that I’ve posted it here I’ll always know where to look for it should I need some inspiration.

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