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Why the Red Letter Days Affiliate Programme Rocks

Red Letter Days Affiliate ProgrammeAs part of the case study I am running at the moment which details how to set up a new niche site from scratch, I have decided to work with Red Letter Days to promote Orient Express Day Trips. I’ve been part of the Red Letter Days Affiliate Program for some time, but this is the first time I have worked with them in any serious capacity. Frankly, I am struggling to understand why its taken me so long to get on board.

As part of the research process, which lead to me selecting the Orient Express Niche, I started to read through the previous emails I had received from them, and beyond the standard format of email detailing apparently random offers they would like affiliates to promote this month, it became apparent that they do take the affiliate marketing channel very seriously. Why? Well this year saw them celebrate their 22nd birthday (they are older than me :) ) and as part of that they ran a 22 day promotion offering prizes to affiliates for achieving relatively simple targets. This happened to early in the process for me to get involved, but never-the-less I appreciate the sentiment.

Digging even further I went to have a look at the blog dedicated to their affiliate channel and was again impressed to find that I haven’t missed out on the chance to win a prize. It seems that every quarter they run an impressive, tiered incentive which aims to reward all affiliates, from the small operations to the larger ones simply by reaching total sales targets starting as low as £1000 (for which this quarter you could win a George Foreman Grill or a 2GB ipod shuffle, to name but 2) all the way up to £15000 (for which you could receive an Xbox 360 or a 64GB ipod touch, amongst other things) – and remember this total isn’t monthly, its quarterly; you simply have to drive £1000 of total sales value over a three month period to qualify for a prize – now that is a proper incentive!

Suitably impressed I then contacted Gemma, from the affiliate team at Red Letter Days to enquire about bespoke banners for orientexpressdaytrips.net and she came back to me relatively quickly with the promise that yes, they can do that and not only that they can offer an exclusive discount code for the site.

The discount code is simplicity itself and allows me to offer any percentage discount I like between 1% and 13%. Bearing in mind that Red Letter Days pay out 13% commission overall, If I had a discount code offering 10%, then this 10% would come off the commission i.e. I would get 3% commission for the sale if the customer uses my discount code. This is a headsmacking example of how a merchant can use an affiliate discount code to mutually benefit both parties. The Affiliate can incentivise the customer to make the purchase and the Merchant isnt going to lose any more money whether the discount code is used or not. Simples.

So thank you red letter days for an eye opening experience, its been a pleasure to deal with you so far and I look forward to (hopefully) winning my first quarterly prize!

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