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Start Promoting Products for Christmas Now

I’m just back from a fortnight in Sunny Tenerife, the sunburn is still itching, the liver is still recovering from all the free Sangria and I have an extra half stone in weight to lose at the gym. I’m contented and the batteries are definitely recharged – just in time to raise my game and start thinking about the Christmas rush. Christmas is definitely the most profitable time of year for me – typically I can generate more than half of my entire 12 months income in the months between October and January thanks largely to two of my most popular sites promoting products that sell very well at Christmas. DVD Bargain Alerts is typical of this, and while I haven’t really updated its blog much recently it has been ticking over quick nicely thanks to its built in price comparison pages. I have 2 or 3 other sites which operate in very similar sectors and I will begin updating these sites in earnest over the course of the next week or so.

Of course I am fortunate that I have sites that are geared up to take advantage of this, and if you’ve been in affiliate marketing for any length of time then you may find that you are too. Have you got any old unloved sites lying around which get a small amount of traffic? If so then you could be onto a winner if you act quickly. Take them out of storage, have a look at the keywords which are generating traffic and revisit the niche to establish what is new to the market and find products that may sell well over the next 3 months. Act now, because the more relevant content you can add to those sites the more likely it will be found by someone looking to spend money. At Christmas time people don’t need to much persuasion to click ‘buy’. In 2010 it is estimated that online shopping accounted for £6.8 Billion in revenue for retailers with £153 million being spent on Christmas Day alone.

So take advantage now and by the time Cyber Monday 2011 arrives you may find you have yourself a nice little earner.

If you don’t have a website yet then things will be a little more tricky for you. To have a fighting chance of ranking a site quickly between now and November (really the latest you should be thinking I you want to see a decent return) then you are going to have to do your research – most likely you will have to build Niche sites which are based on specific products, with exact match domain names (although that in itself wont guarantee instant rankings these days). A lazy way of picking out some hot products is to wait for the Toy Retailers Association to announce their top toys for Christmas, but this won’t come out until the 26th October 2011 so you’ll be leaving it late if you don’t have a site which is already getting some toy related traffic.

Of course organic search traffic isn’t the be-all and end-all for visitors to your site – PPC is definitely still viable at this time of year – it’s a question of getting your timing right, and finding the right keywords to bid on as well as the right product to promote. Bear in mind though that with Google Adwords their quality score can be a bitch. I’m not one to offer much advice here since my own account is suspended indefinitely due to sheer laziness on my own part when setting up sites and landing pages. Generally speaking though make sure your landing page offers genuine information to the user, and if possible try not to load it with links that simply send your visitors to the merchant site. I was having more success when I set up a landing page with linked to other pages in my own site, which in turn sent the visitor off to the merchant. This combined with unique content, good usability and an interesting layout generated a good quality score – and I wish I’d stuck with that model all the time. Still, what’s done is done and I’m still earning a decent income so can’t complain.

For more info on how to set up a niche site read my case study to get yourself started.

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