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Finding my Mojo

Lost My Mojo.jpgWell here we are again, after a brief flurry of activity where it looked like i might be getting my act together with some regular content being added to the blog I find that once again I have to apologise and and offer the same old excuses as to why I haven’t updated in a while. There are the the usual reasons, as I’ve mentioned this internet lark is a part time gig for me so fitting it in between a full time job, which keeps getting ever more demanding, and the fact that lately I have been spending more free time with my family than I have in front of the laptop, has been difficult.

But I’m back now, and I mean business.

In the last couple of months I have taken a long hard look at my business model and found that it has come up lacking. My focus has been affiliate marketing and for whatever reason I have always preferred to work in the UK. After there recent paradigm shift (no idea if that’s an appropriate expression but I like the way it sounds) in Google Serps my traffic has taken a hit and my of my smaller projects have been wiped out – this has hit my earnings a lot and, to be honest, taken the wind out of my sales. I lost my mojo, big time. But on reflection I can see why, a lot of the sites offered little in real content and were designed purely to get the user to click an affiliate link or an adsense ad. There was nothing there that engaged the user. Nothing that really made them want to bookmark the sites or tell their friends about them.

So with that in mind I intend to make my own paradigm shift: stop building lots of shitty sites that I cant be bothered to maintain.

I’m just writing this as an aide memoire really; at the moment this site gets very little traffic. But It’s mine and the content I am writing here is from the heart so maybe this site will become the first to get the ‘passion treatment’. If I can make it engaging and write about my experiences as I go them maybe it will help others as well as helping me to maintain my focus.

Let me get one thing straight first though – finding something that I’m passionate about that will also help to build a residual income isn’t easy, so maybe passion is the wrong word. What I really aim to do is create a site (just the one) about a subject matter that interests me, or something that I find fascinating. Something with a bit of scope and which can be easily researched. If I have to write another post about grass trimmers (yes I have a site about strimmers!) I think I will kill myself.

So going forward here’s what I plan to do next.

  1. Find a subject I’m ‘passionate’ about and write from the heart.
  2. Find alternative ways to make money – Create and Ebook or sell advertising space perhaps, create an iPhone app?
  3. Look into getting some US hosting.
  4. Invest in some tools to help with market research.
  5. Completely rethink my linkbuilding strategy.

That last point has just been thrown in there. When I say rethink I really mean ‘Get A Link Building Strategy’ and one that works.
Oh and if anyone can recommend a decent, reliable (inexpensive) US host then feel free to comment below (you can include your affiliate Link :))

I’m going away now for a long hard think and when the decisions have been made I’ll be back.


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2 Responses to “Finding my Mojo”

  1. Joe says:

    I use Hostgator. I’ve been with them for two years now and they’ve only been down a couple of times and not for long. At $10 a month you can’t really complain.

  2. Stephen Tierney says:

    Yeh, I’ve seen them advertised all over the place. Got my eye on at the moment $5.95 a month, seems like a snip.

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