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A day in the life of a Not-So-Super-Affiliate

Whether you are just starting out as an affiliate marketer, or you have been doing it for a few months, or even years, the chances are you will be able to relate in some way to the following scenario, although probably not all on the same day :)

Lying awake in bed with the glow from the digital alarm clock casting shadows on the walls and the sound of your partner breathing gently (or snoring heavily) in the bed next to you; your brain is awhirl with half-formed thoughts and concepts threatening to become ideas. Suddenly a synapse flares and a connection is made; an idea lands fully formed in your brain. Eureka, you think and attempt to quietly ease yourself out of bed without waking the better half, fumbling around in the dark, almost making it to the door before she/he stirs and says “whathebloodyhellareyoudoing?”. “Nothing” you reply, knowing it would take far too long to explain the truth. Glancing at the clock its 1 minute past midnight, the day has just begun.

You make it outside the confines of the bedroom and sneak downstairs, the idea still banging against the inside of your skull as you fire up the laptop and immediately visit your favoured domain name checker. Damn, www.superdooper.co.uk is gone, but hey www.superdooper.org.uk is still available, what the hell, lets register that anyway. So you do, and you set up hosting and wait 10 minutes to 24 hours for the domain name to propagate throughout the internet before uploading the affiliate marketers weapon of choice ‘WordPress’. Awesome, you think as you peer contentedly at the leafy pathway that is the header image for the default wordpress theme, twentyten. Need a new theme, hmm, which one do I choose? Actually it’s too late now I am quite tired, I’ll go to bed and look for a theme in the morning…

The morning comes and you remember the superdooper domain name you regged the previous night while you are brushing your teeth, you heart skips a couple of beats as you remember why it was such a damn good idea. Need a wordpress theme though. You’ll look for that after breakfast; which you have to make yourself because your partner’s tired she needs a rest (after you kept her up all night with your bright ideas), the kids are playing up downstairs.

Later, with the kids safely packed off to school and your better half up and pottering about somewhere where she can’t bother you, you retire to your office/kitchen/sofa and switch on the radio and settle down to work on your new project. Well, actually first of all you open your email and wait for 10 minutes while the 150 or so network emails download and are scanned by your anti-virus software – quickly you read the subject headings – hmm, stockingsthanks.co.uk are having tracking problems better pause your activity with them. Oh, hold on you haven’t got around to promoting them yet. Just as well really you think as you take a swig from your first mug of coffee of the day.

Nothing much of any note catches your eye, some sale news, a voucher with the wrong expiry date – not for any merchants you are promoting. So what now? Better check on facebook see if your other half has updated since you said good morning – yes she has: “My Partner Kept me up all night thinking loudly about the internet. B*stard.” You LOL and update with a suitable reposte. No new friend requests.

In the background Affmeter notifies you that yesterday you made some money. Not as much as you would like though. Which irks you somewhat. An hour later you are bored with Facebook and resolve to get on with some work – but wait Jeremy Kyle is on soon. Another mug of coffee and a chocolate biscuit are called for as you kill an hour and feel a little better about yourself after watching the shows participant accuse his wife of having sex with his father.

From the other room your partner shouts through, she is off out for afternoon. Good you think – now I’ll be able to get some work done, but not before you surf the net for some Frankie Vaughn (NSFW) . . .

After taking a shower, you realize its lunchtime – time for a break and something to eat. Some cheese on toast with a few loose women is just the ticket. You can work on the new site later. After lunch the phone rings as you are loading up the dishwasher. It’s your father/mother/great aunt. “Did you read my Email?” “What Email” “I sent you an Email – But I don’t think it worked can you come and fix it”. “What was the Email about?”, “It was asking you if you would come and fix my email”, “I’m Working”, “Working? Is that the loose women I can hear in the background… ?”. “I’ll be right over.”

You go to your father/mother/great aunt’s and fix her email. Which didn’t really need fixing, the email was sent just fine, but you missed it in amongst all those 149 other emails you received that morning. You try to answer the question “What do you do for a living these days?” but fail to put it into words your father/mother/great aunt can understand. “See you later” they say, followed by “Don’t worry, you’ll get a Proper Job soon.” . You Nod and Smile and head home – er back to work.

It’s nearly 3:15, and your partner isn’t home yet; you’ve got to pick the kids up from school. It’s nice out and there’s no point taking the car since you’ll probably have to park further away from the school than your house is. A nice walk and some fresh air to get the little grey cells working again. Something about the leafy trees and the path you are walking along reminds you that you need to look for a new wordpress theme.

Back home and your partner arrives shortly after. She tells you all about her day; she’s been busy and you nod and smile as you listen before she suggests that you do the dinner tonight since you haven’t really done much today. You wait awhile, spending some quality time with the kids (watching Iggle Piggle “In the Night Garden”) then set about preparing a nice Spaghetti Bolognaise.

After that it’s Eggheads, some random antiques show on BBC2 then the soaps kick in for the night. Great, some me time. “I’ll be in my office” you say and retire to the Spare Room. Finally you can look for a wordpress theme. Hmm, “sooperdooper wordpress themes” doesn’t throw up much on Google. Ok forget the theme You’ll add some content – a nice 500 word article should get the ball rolling. Affmeter pops up and you see you have earned less today than you have yesterday. Maybe its broke again you think. So you visit a4u and checkout the affmeter support thread; nope miraculously there are no known problems(!!).

You leave A4U quite quickly, but remember that you haven’t checked your favourite RSS reader to see if the popular / MMO /bloggers can offer some inspiration. Nope, but Kirsty is going on holiday again which is nice.

2 hours later you have your article – OK its only 300 words and it a bit light on detail, but content is as content does your momma always said. At 9:30 your better half shouts you through and you decide to call it a day and watch last night’s Dragons Den on SKY+. There’s a website which gets and investment of £1gazillion pounds from Peter Jones, and some interesting commercial products: A magic wand that makes a nice cooking sauce seems particularly appealing and a germ on an idea begins to form in your mind as bedtime approaches.

“You coming up?” your partner says and you glance at her distractedly, part of you wants to check out the “Magic Cooking Sauce” competition on google, but you are quite tired so you agree to go to bed. An hour later you are restlessly staring at the ceiling, it occurs to you that the ‘Dragons Den’ you just watched was actually recorded last night. If you dont act quickly someone else will register www.magiccookingsauce.co.uk. Damn, quietly you ease yourself out of bed “‘whathebloodyhellareyoudoing?” mutters your partner. “Hard to explain” you reply as you glance at the clock – 1 minute past midnight, the day has just begun…..

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8 Responses to “A day in the life of a Not-So-Super-Affiliate”

  1. Shane Brown says:

    Good post. Although I have to disagree with part of it…normally the domain you reg in the night will have a typo or you thought Google said there was 20,000 exacts per month – but you realise that was the term below and yours is only 67 per month!

    And as you just commented on my blog – dont forget to check the me.uk domain as well!

  2. Shane Brown says:

    Actually – just noticed one of your MP3 player sites – looks like you made a typo when you ordered that ;)

  3. stephen says:

    lol, yes I’ve made more than the odd mistyped domain registration – usually after a few glasses of wine…

  4. So so so true! Unfortunately (or, perhaps, fortunately!) I’m not a full-time affiliate so a big chunk of my day is spent doing the 9-5, so at least that’s 8 hours I’m not ‘procrastinating’ for :)

    Well written blog post anyway Stephen, will definitely be reading more :)

  5. Stephen Tierney says:

    Glad you like it Richard. For the record I’m part time too – being worked like a robot in the day job as we speak (Yes, even on a Sunday morning!).

    Like the look of your blog btw – I’ve added it to my reader – looking forward to more updates.

  6. A belated thanks for the kind words about my blog Stephen. Need to update the content though really!! :)

  7. Joe says:

    So true. I’m even about to start making the spag bol now after doing about 2 hours of work all day. Not getting off to a flying start as a fulltime marketeer.

    I think I regged the domain eggbiolers.co.uk once and wireslessprinters.org.uk

  8. Stephen Tierney says:

    Congrats on the full time status Joe. Living the dream now eh?

    I’ve got the day off work today and I’m trying to work on my web properties while I’ve got the house to myself. So far, I’ve managed 1 trip to Marks and Spencers and spent the rest of my time replying to emails and reading blog posts…. Must. Get. More. Focus.

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